środa, 16 listopada 2016

the adventure begins

0808 eyes open already time to go to the corporation but the road that leads to it is "Seme d'embuches"
Today, the note will have as actors
Mrs. Kuzka and her beret
Sam and its owners
Dodi and its drink
Corporation and I
Muse will turn on, Boog goes Belsunce breakdown ogolićm time to go to all the little scratches, heavy sleep.
Two steps to the kitchen I may not speak less look for cereals with strawberries but rather look at the empty container, turn away eye to the left eye to the right breakfast so it ended
Yogurt lajt (let's trends, says Metropol), crisp and raspberry jam.
Biore plaść waxes shoes, and the adventure begins
After the mud that dominates the square Zawisza I see it
He's next to me, tall red, he rushes, and I followed him
I almost did not wywalłem but did
I caught the tram and from the window I see the advertisement for drinks
Dodi advertises drink flavor 32
Already everything is clear.
Already stop "underground city", and I'm surprised.
I am changing Tram and jade to the South now and here I meet him
He looks deep into my eyes and nei only he, are in 2jce and this August will join Sam
and most of all are those eyes under the beret that I say
"I go out of my place"
and I am still asking themselves whether these older people know zesklepy are open all day and he will be delivery, communist times left a lot ...
And already I see it this building, quickly quickly, the same smiles around me, the same elevator, and I felt that something was missing today ...

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